Meet the Founder

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About Queen Adu-Poku

     My name is Queen Adu-Poku, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a San Francisco-Bay Area native. I have been serving the Bay Area and surrounding communities for over 25 years. I serve people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, life transitions, workplace stress, issues of identity, and cultural conflict.  I endeavor to improve access to quality mental health care and provide treatment that best reflects the identity of the person, couple or family being served. I believe it is integral to a successful clinical relationship for people to see a reflection of themselves in the clinician treating them. While my practice caters to people of color, my doors are open to anyone seeking to improve their emotional and psychological functioning. I also offer clinical supervision, consultation, and technical support for mental health therapy start-ups. 

     It is my belief that cultural, racial, and identity differences can strengthen the therapeutic cohesion amongst the Practitioner and the Client. In these cases, cultural humility and a healthy, robust curiosity should remain at the crux of their work together. With a connection to heritage, roots, and history, through my own intersectionality, I support in the grounding of patients of color, while also offering opportunities for growth for clients with diverse backgrounds. Feel free to contact me to discuss how I may be of assistance to you.